NetSuite ERP vs. Tally Prime Comparison

NetSuite ERP vs. Tally Prime Comparison

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TallyPrime – Businesses must implement cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to maximize corporate operations.

Comparing two large ERP systems is challenging. However, we have accomplished the unthinkable by allowing you to compare the significant characteristics of the two ERP systems and arrive at the best option for your needs.

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is a premier cloud-based ERP system for businesses of all sizes, from startups to publicly listed corporations. NetSuite entirely automates a company’s business processes and aids with the administration of inventories, finance, accounting, human resources, and customer relationships. NetSuite is used by over 40,000 businesses to improve and manage their company operations.
What the best cloud ERP Software has to offer:
Role-based dashboards, KPIs, and Workflows for a variety of sectors
Effective financial management.
The unified data paradigm supports the continuous flow of real-world data.


Tally is India’s leading accounting software company, with operations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. TallyPrime, a business management software for small and medium-sized organizations, is one of its offerings. It is simple to use, but it is outdated, and developing firms deem it impossible to rely entirely on Tally. Users implement inefficient solutions, handle manual spreadsheets, and operate with ineffectively integrated point solutions.

NetSuite ERP v/s TallyPrime

1. One central system
TallyPrime has limits when it comes to handling a company’s accounting processes. Simultaneously, NetSuite entirely automates a company’s business activities and serves as the company’s primary system.
2. Save time and money
NetSuite eliminates the need for manual operations and entirely automates your business processes. The most typical challenges that a business has are the entry of personnel and preparing invoices to fill out intricate spreadsheets. It saves time and increases the efficiency of your firm.
3. Grow your business
NetSuite provides a real-time picture of all your business activities from wherever and speeds up your operations. TallyPrime is inefficient at driving the company and does not give 360-degree visibility.
4. Increase visibility
Unrelated and disparate systems make it difficult to obtain meaningful feedback and a comprehensive perspective of your company’s activities. Storing a data set in Tally while maintaining other vital updated information elsewhere might result in complications, data security, and a severe lack of reporting. NetSuite securely saves all your data and provides quick access to users as a unified system.

5. Reduce IT complexity
TallyPrime, as single accounting software, is burdened with several workarounds and unique and inefficient integrated apps. This results in a split hairball that is tough to manage. Businesses may use NetSuite to tackle IT problems cost-effectively and appropriately.
6. Boost efficiency, boost sales
Your business will be less dynamic and responsive if you use TallyPrime. At the same time, NetSuite is very responsive and robust in increasing a company’s efficiency and sales. NetSuite handles business operations by removing all manual procedures and making them more efficient.
7. Audit your business
TallyPrime puts financial officers and business people at risk due to weak security, traceability, and the ability to edit data on a pre-emptive basis. NetSuite provides total data security, controls spending efficiently, and makes it simple to audit expenses.

Conclusion – Our say in this battle

Tally is primarily intended for the Indian market and lacks numerous functions compared to NetSuite. They do not necessitate internet access and may be used on a desktop computer.

Simultaneously, the NetSuite ERP system assists firms in entirely automating their activities to increase business efficiency. NetSuite is easily accessed via any web browser and provides comprehensive data protection and backups. NetSuite delivers exceptional visibility into your operational processes as well as an easy-to-navigate user interface. NetSuite’s increased visibility and speedy third-party integration capabilities benefit your company.

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