In a world where traditional business models are fast becoming obsolete, organisations are searching for innovative solutions, that will help to achieve further growth, or even to maintain market competitiveness.

Modern ERP systems are proving to be the solution for many companies, as the way to fine-tune their businesses, through the maximisation of efficiencies and the allocation of

Welcome to the world of Connected IT – the proven experts in ERP Software development and design. We’ll help you to regain momentum with an ERP solution that is relevant to the new business environment and that will give you the edge in the minds of your customers.

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ERP systems are not generic to every organisation and it takes real expertise to determine the best solution for your company’s needs. Sadly, there are many cases where inappropriate ERP systems have led to even greater inefficiency and demotivated employees. Getting it right is non-negotiable! 

Connected IT Consulting has a 100% success record of getting it right and we have the satisfied clients to attest to it.

We’ll work closely with your organisation as part the team, to thoroughly analyse your business environment and to identify the correct fit. Then we’ll help you to imbed the system and to integrate it seamlessly into your existing systems. 

Finally, once your new ERP system is up and running smoothly, we’ll be there along the way to guide, educate and to make constructive suggestions, or changes where necessary.  

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ERP Software

An ERP software suite is comprehensive in nature and covers all areas of the business including the likes of finance, marketing, sales, human resources and even production processes.

Choosing the right ERP software is critical to your business and there are a host of alternatives to choose from. Getting it wrong can cost millions and it can take years to generate a return-on-investment.

Trying to identify the correct software package can be a challenging and frustrating experience, because levels of support and the ability to fix bugs are varied. That’s why using an expert consultant like Connected IT is highly recommended.

ERP Software
Enterprise Resource Planning System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

If you’re in business, then profitability should remain your number one goal.  Sadly, the bigger your business grows, the more likely it becomes that inefficiencies in the business start to weigh on the ability to generate profit and growth.

This is where the benefits of developing an Enterprise resource planning system come in to play.

An enterprise resource planning system will help drive efficiency through better use of company resources, whether they be time, money or people. And it will do so without sacrificing quality or performance levels.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Every successful business has been through it at some time or other. That critical point where all departments seem to be working in silos and where everything seems to be unmanageable.

You’ll recognise this if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • You’re overcome with multiple data from many sources and find it hard to streamline it
  • Your business relies on data, but you no longer have the software applications to handle the growing volumes of information
  • You’re struggling to integrate processes and information required to streamline supply chain process
  • You’re having difficulty streamlining the business and delivering on your promises to customers
  • You’re spending a fortune on trying to integrate various software across different departments.
Enterprise resource planning
Business Process Mapping

business process mapping

A major benefit of enterprise resource planning is the ability to have full oversight of your business on a central interface. Part of the process of ERP is the technique of business process mapping.

Connected IT Consulting are experts in this technique, which starts with an in-depth analysis of the organisation, working closely with key role players and stakeholders.  We’ll analyse the current situation against goals and objectives for the organisation and identify problems, opportunities, areas of weakness and areas of potential growth.