ERP Software

An ERP software suite is comprehensive in nature and covers all areas of the business including the likes of finance, marketing, sales, human resources and even production processes.

Choosing the right ERP software packages is critical to your business and there are a host of alternatives to choose from. Getting it wrong can cost millions and it can take years to generate a return-on-investment.

Trying to identify the correct ERP software packages can be a challenging and frustrating experience, because levels of support and the ability to fix bugs are varied. That’s why using an expert consultant like Connected IT is highly recommended.

ERP Software

Connected IT have years of experience in working with software solutions and a 100% success rate amongst our clients. As independent consultants we are well placed to determine the best package for your particular needs. We’ll undertake a thorough analysis of the business, recommend the ideal software package and provide ongoing support during the complex process of integration into your existing Enterprise resource planning system.

Finally, we’ll minimize your overall investment, by saving on project time and by helping to avoid the potential cost overruns that can occur through inexperience.