Why does ERP Software for Process Manufacturing Matter?

Why does ERP Software for Process Manufacturing Matter?

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ERP for Process Manufacturing, also known as batch or formula-based production, is used in various industries, including food and beverage, chemical, consumer packaged products, pharmaceutics, polymers, and oil and gas.

Essentially, this production method creates items that cannot be reversed or broken down into original elements. ERP for Process Manufacturing’ particular needs make it challenging to locate the correct Enterprise Resource Planning software and manufacturing equipment to effectively optimize their complex production process.

Here are a few instances of how your software should help your formula-based manufacturing process:

Assist with FDA Compliance

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States supervises six productions and process controls components in food, medicines, vaccines, medical devices, and other products.

Quality, manufacturing, laboratory, supplies, facilities and equipment, and packaging and labeling are among them.

Some process manufacturing software, such as Batch Master, aids in FDA validation by providing scripts and templates that keep your company compliant throughout the production process.

Assist with Industry Regulation

In your process manufacturing activities, the FDA isn’t the only agency you must please. ERP software can also assist you in analyzing and meeting various industry-specific requirements, ensuring that you are always creating rising with no chance of fines.

They frequently collaborate with the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) system to guarantee that food does not contain any chemical, biological, or physical risks.

Furthermore, several of these programs provide shipping paperwork and labeling options.

Assist with Lot Traceability

The Lot traceability guarantees that the manufacturer can trace the components or resources back to the previous phase in the supply chain.

Good process manufacturing software will assist you in keeping a detailed and complete history of all batches, allowing you always to trace everything.

Assume your recipe has become tainted. With adequate lot traceability, you should be able to establish the source of the contaminant

ERP for Process Manufacturing

Assist with Batch Production

Your process management software should handle complex batch production processes.

For example, based on the demand for a particular product, it might develop and schedule the optimal number of jobs for a formula in several packaging configurations. The process management software allows you to streamline your business processes mapping and avoid waste by generating what you need.

Assist with Inventory Management

Inventory management is a critical concern for anyone choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning, particularly those developed for process manufacturing. The right software can valuate the inventory always to be safe and secure.

What do you get? Quality that stands out.

Process manufacturing relies on dozens of components. Manufacturing businesses will achieve top-notch output from assuring that your products are industry-compliant to assisting you in identifying weak places in the supply network.

Final Words

When looking for an ERP Project Management that matches your industry’s specific demands, there are several things to consider.

As leading ERP consultants, we at Connected IT, Ireland, recommend that you include these five critical functions in your search criteria. Considering these factors during your ERP search will help you select a solution that matches your specific industry demands.

Connected IT creates, develops, and distributes ERP software for process manufacturers. Our ability to collaborate with clients to help them get the most out of their ERP software solutions has resulted in numerous success stories and strengthened client relationships.

Contact us today to learn how Connected IT’s ERP system may help your company function more effectively and competitively.

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