Why is User Acceptance Testing Important in Your ERP Project Plan?

Why is User Acceptance Testing Important in Your ERP Project Plan?

ERP Project Plan – You may already be aware of the numerous causes of Enterprise Resource Planning failure.

Overlooking ERP user acceptability testing is one example of a typical failure point connected to an organization’s implementation method. This often-overlooked success aspect entails using real-life testing situations to ensure the system works as planned and is appropriate for your end customers.

Today, we’ll go through the main advantages of employing a smart, efficient testing strategy with ERP Implementation Services in your ERP deployment.

What is ERP User Acceptance Testing?

Taking business users to test typical instances and daily actions within the ERP system before the go-live date is known as user acceptability testing. It offers clear advantages, including lower costs, shorter deadlines, and a lower likelihood of failure due to a lack of user uptake. The goal of UAT is to ensure that the individuals who will use the program daily find it easy to use and accessible.

Benefits of ERP User Acceptance Testing

  • Identifies ERP Project Plan Usability Issues

Your supplier will refer to your requirements when configuring your new ERP Software. They may assume that by referring to this text, they would be able to create a seamless system. End users will eventually test the technology one way or another. Doing UAT before releasing the program into the production environment is best. Conversely, they’ll try it once it goes live, and your IT team may be inundated with complaints and adjustment requests.

  • Promotes ERP System Adoption

When new software feels too high-tech or out-of-reach to your employees, it can be challenging to get them enthusiastic about the change. Get employees involved in the project before go-live. You get the opportunity to correct any last-minute issues. Still, you also give users the chance to provide input that makes them feel valued. This builds their confidence, so they’re ready to embrace the transition down the road.

  • Identifies ERP Workflow Issues

During each testing step, you’ll focus on the software at a superficial level, evaluating particular workflows to determine what’s working and what needs to be altered. As you do so, you may discover problems that may impair the general operation of the new Enterprise Resource Planning System. You may test for these scenarios using the outputs that you know are necessary. If anything isn’t working correctly, you’ll fix it so that everything works properly.

ERP User Acceptance Testing Risks

  • Project Phase Extensions

Certain project phases frequently continue longer than expected. When striving to achieve a project deadline, you’ll have to divert time away from other stages to accommodate the overruns. You risk shortening or even eliminating user acceptability testing as a result. This might result in ERP Project Management failure due to low user engagement and, as a result, common ERP benefits realization.

  • Lack of a Testing Structure

Both you and your implementor must be active for UAT to be successful. This frequently entails organizing and coordinating the work of a large number of individuals. It is critical to building an efficient testing system to guarantee that nothing is overlooked. The delineation of roles and duties is a crucial part of this organization.

  • Lack of Internal Resources

Department heads may regard user acceptability testing as a simple assignment. Managers will have more time to get ready their departments and will be more likely to give you appropriate resources if you notify them ahead of schedule that UAT will draw end-users away from their day-to-day jobs.

Make ERP Project Plan Success a Reality With Connected IT Consulting’s UAT!

You want your new ERP system to be both reliable and functional. However, it must also be accessible and user-friendly. ERP user acceptability testing is your new best buddy for striking the proper balance.

UAT lets you observe how employees will engage with your new software in the future. You can make the necessary revisions and provide the groundwork for a successful deployment by listening to their input.

Our ERP specialists at Connected IT Consulting can assist you in making the most of every area of your ERP system testing process. Please reach out to our ERP Consulting experts to schedule a quick call back for a detailed view.

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