How to Analyze the Stability of Your ERP Systems?

How to Analyze the Stability of Your ERP Systems?

ERP Systems “The health of the ERP system is critical to determine whether it needs to be replaced or upgraded.”

A comprehensive examination of the five aspects listed below will help you determine whether your firm is being held back by an out-of-date legacy ERP system.

Aspects to focus on for the stability of your ERP Systems:

Your first inquiries about your system should be about usefulness, specifically:

What is the real benefit of our present ERP Software?
What is the monetary worth of a new ERP system?
Can our current ERP systems compete with the new ERP systems in terms of value?
Is our company hampered by a lack of an ERP systems or one that is out of date?

Concerns about risk usually focus on the possibility of the system failing or being unable to recover after a mishap. However, other dangers are significantly more detrimental to a business and happen far more frequently:

Breakdown of the system and hardware
Adjustments in vendor support
The system’s ability to be supported by IT employees
Discrepancies in security maintenance
Modifications to government regulations
Reliability and power of the vendor

During the health assessment of the Enterprise Resource Planning  system, there may be many expenses that may need your attention. A new system requires a significant investment in terms of human and capital resources and other components such as change management and training. Attempt to compare the costs of sustaining your current system against deploying a new solution regularly.

Platform and Tech Security
In-depth questions concerning the core technology, such as the database structure and distribution model, should be addressed. It’s also critical to examine whether the solution can enable potential development and support global operations.

Risks of Development and Support
The following are the essential questions:

Will the vendor lead the installation directly? Or will a business integration partner or consulting firm administer it?
Is the partner or consulting firm knowledgeable about your industry? What kind of assistance will the vendor provide after and during rollout?

Would you like to learn more?

Connected IT has assisted numerous manufacturing, distribution, and other businesses evaluate their existing systems using a disciplined, all-inclusive methodology. Please contact us right away to discuss a health check of your ERP system.

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