ERP Vs. CMMS: What’s Better For Maintenance Management?

ERP Vs. CMMS: What’s Better For Maintenance Management?

ERP Maintenance Management – Finding the perfect software to satisfy an organization’s maintenance management requirements may be complicated. Buyers must compare specialist computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software to other more extensive solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software while looking for a solution. This article compares CMMS and ERP software to assist you in making the best option for your company.

While CMMS and ERP software share similar features, they serve entirely different purposes for enterprises. Let’s compare the capabilities of CMMS software with ERP Software to understand better what they perform.

CMMS (Computerized ERP Maintenance Management System)

  • The emphasis is on upkeep.
  • Work order procedures, as well as reporting and billing, are automated.
  • Using reports, analyses maintenance data.
  • Purchase orders are possible.
  • Has extensive maintenance request management skills.
  • Contains information for maintenance employees, including skill level and pay rate.
  • Has extensive asset management capabilities.
  • In a manufacturing context, this service provides MRO inventory planning, maintenance, and other activity monitoring.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System)

  • Covers a wide range of operations.
  • Payroll, invoicing, reporting, and work order processes are all included.
  • Using reports, analyses data about the company.
  • Accounting data is tracked, stored, and analyzed.
  • Has the ability to manage maintenance requests.
  • Human Resources Data such as compensation management, timekeeping, insurance information, emergency contacts, and benefits paperwork is contained in this file.
  • Has extensive asset management and supply chain management features.
  • Inventory planning extends beyond MRO product planning and production monitoring in manufacturing or other contexts.

Why Do Organizations Use ERP Software?

ERP software allows data to be communicated rapidly and utilized across the firm. Most Small Business ERP software solutions may also be quickly and easily integrated with other software applications. Integration guarantees that both data sets are easily accessible and that there are no compatibility difficulties. Organizations not requiring extensive maintenance management capabilities may prefer ERP software over CMMS software. However, due to the expense and complexity of ERP software, it is not worth the investment if a business merely needs maintenance management skills.

Why Do Organizations Use CMMS Software?

CMMS, as opposed to ERP software, offers specific work order management and asset management tools that ensure maintenance work and data can be tracked down to the smallest detail. Because CMMS software is utilized for all aspects of maintenance, it is a dedicated maintenance management tool, particularly when implementing a proactive maintenance plan. It oversees all preventative and reactive maintenance activities.

Another reason firms prefer CMMS software solutions over ERP software is the superior MRO inventory management capabilities. Inventory counts may be swiftly updated, and purchase orders can be placed immediately inside the CMMS program. CMMS software is less expensive to run than ERP software since it is easier to install, runs faster due to its smaller size, and often results in a faster Return on Investment (ROI) than ERP software.

Overall, CMMS software is more straightforward because it is user-focused, offering simplified methods to utilize the system without having to cope with functionalities or information the user does not require.


The next step is to discover the right CMMS software for your firm to investigate additional CMMS software to best fulfill your maintenance management needs.

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