ERP Discovery : Why is it Important to an ERP Project?

ERP Discovery : Why is it Important to an ERP Project?

ERP Discovery : When we begin chatting with firms exploring new ERP solutions, they frequently request a software demo immediately away. We understand that you’re thrilled about the project and want to see what the system looks like and how it functions.

However, a critical phase lies before a software demo that should not be overlooked. When you take on the task of implementing a new ERP Software , this phase is crucial. It is the ERP DISCOVERY phase!
ERP Discovery

ERP Discovery- A Quick Overview

As an ERP implementation partner, it is our responsibility to assist businesses in identifying the best ERP solution to solve their problems and help them reach their goals. While you may have a list of features you desire in your new system; this is insufficient to select the best fit solution.

During the discovery phase, we break through every single barrier. We put ourselves in your shoes and dig deep to understand your company’s unique structure, processes, culture, and people.

We concentrate on two major areas:

Workable constraints
This involves determining which modules and capabilities must be configured, the reports that will be run and whether your ERP system will be coupled with other programs.

Possibilities and challenges in the industry
We’ll identify the core issues in your business and determine chances for efficiencies and improvements. This effectively becomes the roadmap for your Enterprise Resource Planning solution — if some or all of these main difficulties are overcome, and improvements unlocked after installation, the project is considered a success.
Discover before demonstrating!
Often referred to as “Client Discovery,” this ERP implementation process involves forming an implementation team from the vendor’s side and a project team from the client’s side.

An intense client discovery activity will guarantee that the vendor understands the requirements and will aid in adequately designing their software for the customer.

The same may be said for an ERP Project Management. Some ERP companies provide live software demos to large groups; all you have to do is join up. They’ll show you the solution’s essential features as well as some additional capabilities to give you that “wow” factor.

However, you will most likely leave feeling underwhelmed. Perhaps you require unique functionalities that are not included in the sample. Maybe the demo is oriented toward a completely different industry than yours. Suddenly, you find yourself with more questions than answers. This is because you still don’t know how the system will operate.

Here is where Discovery gets to work

Discovery is intended to keep you out of that position entirely. It’s an essential part of a well-crafted demo that demonstrates not just an ERP solution but the proper ERP solution for your company. After the demo, you’ll clearly understand how the solution satisfies your business challenges and functional requirements. To maximize the effectiveness of your ERP demo evaluation, embrace the discovery process — the result is well worth the effort.

Overall it may be said…

The fact of the matter for the discovery process is that both the implementation team and the project team must agree on the project’s business operations and aspirations. The project plan is the culmination of the discovery phase that serves as the framework for the remainder of the project.

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