Changing your ERP application to the cloud by 2022: 7 Reasons

Changing your ERP application to the cloud by 2022: 7 Reasons

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Cloud-based ERP: what is it?

ERP Application – A cloud-based ERP system is ERP software hosted in cloud servers. It is available from any device, anyplace – which is extremely valuable in today’s world where many workforces are scattered.

However, there are numerous benefits to switching to a cloud-based ERP solution
ERP application

Improved cost and maintenance efficiencies

Legacy systems become costly to maintain over time, mainly if the program is no longer supported with updates. There are also hidden costs with legacy systems, such as servers and other hardware that need to be upgraded, the amount of time wasted using, maintaining, and integrating an outdated system, not to mention the poor user experience that can negatively impact staff morale.

Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can be more cost-effective than on-premises versions because they are continuously supported and updated via the cloud. They also have a more user-friendly interface because they never become obsolete, eliminating large version migration operations every 3 to 5 years.

Fewer compatibility issues in ERP application

Having a legacy ERP software system usually means more complexity and associated costs when connecting with other systems, linked apps, and add-ons. Integration concerns with newer apps, add-ons and other systems are often avoided because cloud-based solutions are regularly updated.

Higher flexibility

Cloud computing allows you to work from any location and on any device. They enable workforces to seamlessly collaborate with other operations, partners, and suppliers on your value chain, facilitating cooperation throughout your virtual business and the broader ecosystem.

Speed and Agility

Many workers can see and evaluate real-time data on practically any device from just about anywhere. This allows the organization to be more agile and make more intelligent choices more quickly, giving it a competitive advantage in the market.


Data is securely stored off-site and is less vulnerable to cyberattacks significantly because cloud solutions are regularly updated to protect against the most severe threats.


ERP application solutions based on the cloud grow and adapt as global and local compliance needs and laws change. This provides enormous support and peace of mind to businesses in ever-changing surroundings and conditions.


As your ERP project management grows or enters new markets, cloud solutions allow you to scale and support additional locations, countries quickly, and industries using uniform procedures and processes with minimal IT work.

Overall it may be said,

Many businesses explore upgrading to a newer system, while others seek a more efficient, intelligent solution that interacts easily with Microsoft Office and other financial systems such as Sage.

If your company is thinking about making this change, get in touch with Connected IT Consulting for a quick, competitive quote. We are an Ireland-based consulting firm with extensive expertise assisting large and small businesses worldwide in migrating to a better, more brilliant cloud-based ERP solution.

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