7 of the Top Process Mapping Tools in 2022

7 of the Top Process Mapping Tools in 2022

Process Mapping – Business is made up of several processes, and if any of them get misaligned or cease to function correctly, you will be aware of it. Employees, stakeholders, and clients prefer a concise, clear, and straightforward visual representation over textual descriptions. As a result, more businesses are beginning to map their processes using graphical models.
Process Mapping

Process mapping tools: what are they?

Business Process mapping tools, in essence, allow you to display a specific process in the visual form of an algorithm, complete with phases, participants, actions, and relationships between them. Using these tools allows you to acquire a clear perspective of the process and assess it. These strategies may improve processes, cut expenses, and boost production.

Top 7 Process Mapping Tools for 2022

Nearly every single document in the current world must be digital. Modern technology provides many online and offline alternatives for creating a detailed process map.

Let’s take a deeper look at the seven process mapping tools you can find most beneficial in 2022 by browsing below.

Creately –

Creately provides several tools for planning, visualization, analysis, and collaboration. A UML diagram, flowchart, concept map, sequence diagram, or process map can be created. Furthermore, you may categorize templates depending on who (e.g., advertising, HR, IT, marketing, and planning) needs it and for what they (e.g., learning, manufacturing, engineering) need them.

LucidChart –

LucidChart is powerful diagramming software that includes excellent business process mapping features. You and your coworkers may use this program to effortlessly develop, modify, discuss, analyze, enhance, and adapt any of your business processes in real-time.

Edraw Max –

Edraw Max provides visualisation software for seasoned experts. Its process mapping tool may be used to produce flowcharts, fishbone or UML diagrams, floor layouts, and so on. An automated format for mind maps is provided for increased functionality.
Process Mapping

Microsoft Visio –

Visio incorporates a variety of visualisation, brainstorming, and collaboration features (including process mapping tools) with technical expertise. You may use flowcharts and organizational charts, fishbone, and network diagrams and change them as needed. It is a solution for people ready to pay for quality or commitment to Microsoft goods.

Google Drawings –

Google Drawings is a straightforward and completely free option. It just provides basic stencils but has extensive modification and integration features. There are no templates for flowcharts or fishbone diagrams, but you can simply figure out how to convert existing tools into process mapping tools.

Visme –

Visme is a commercial program that influences the design and generates visually appealing material. It may create slideshows, infographics, proposals, book covers, and even zoom backdrops. Visme’s library cannot be called vast because it supplies templates.

Canva –

The increased features of Canva enable the transformation of infographics, charts, and diagrams into process mapping tools. You may also add stickers, photographs, or animation to your maps to make them more creative, engaging, and enjoyable. Canva is ideal for creating business cards, newsletters, banners, and flyer templates, among other things.
Process Mapping

The final word

So, here is the list of the best and free process mapping tools. Most of these tools offer free plans but with limited pricing. For advanced features, users will have to sign for priced plans. Although both Edraw and Lucidchart offer free versions, upgrading to a premium account gives you access to premium features. However, you can opt for totally free tools like Google Drawings.

We have covered the most challenging part for you, i.e., curating a list of the best process mapping tools. Now, it is your turn to make the most of it and make an intelligent decision for your company by engaging with a company like Connected IT Consulting.

If you would like to learn more about how our experts map business processes, please contact us right now.

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