Sales CRM Software 2022: The 5 Best Picks

Sales CRM Software 2022: The 5 Best Picks

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Sales CRM Software – Why do some firms climb the economic ladder while others remain in the infant stage for an extended time, or worse, disappear in the face of their competitors’ success?

The path to success is difficult for both. Still, the most ambitious companies know the secret: they always complement their sales development with dependable Sales CRM software.

This post will go over what constitutes a good Sales CRM software and which one to work with for your organization.

What is CRM software for sales?

Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a worldwide multi-featured solution enterprises use to store all client data. This assists them in streamlining their sales pipeline management and increasing sales.

So it is… Sales CRM software may boost your revenue by 29%, efficiency by 34%, and estimate precision by 42%. If these figures don’t tell you enough, let’s further understand what a Sales CRM software can accomplish for your company.

Sales CRM software solutions: 5 Best Picks

✔ Salesforce

Salesforce is among the most comprehensive and complete CRM platforms available. The company’s sales and marketing applications are included in the platform, including the Sales and Marketing Clouds, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT service. Salesforce is mobile, and its Complete Customer Management Solution is among the finest. 

AI-powered workflows, omnichannel customer support, a single database for client interactions, chatbots, and a native connection with Slack are the features accessible with Salesforce Service Cloud.

✔ HubSpot

HubSpot is commonly mentioned in CRM integration talks, as most marketing software suppliers provide interfaces with the company’s platform. HubSpot is maybe the most popular small company CRM since its main functionalities are accessible. Additional features, such as enterprise licensing, can be added to the commercially accessible choices. 

HubSpot Service Hub’s customer service platform connects with HubSpot CRM. It provides conversational capabilities, technical support automation, user feedback tracking, analysis tools, and other features.

✔ Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a low-cost CRM solution that includes chatbots, service and support, and client management solutions. Bitrix24 is supported on both desktop and mobile devices, unlike the cloud and on-premise. The Client Contact Center at Bitrix24 can assist service teams in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

Chatbots, AI technologies, knowledge management, online chat, telephone, online chatting, workflow automation, mobile access, file transfer, social network integrations, and automated contact center tools are featured.

✔ Zoho

Zoho is worldwide software development, cloud computing, and web-based business solutions firm. It provides marketing, sales, customer service, email, human resources, finance, management, business analytics, and other back-office operations tools and solutions. 

The Zoho Desk platform, which is part of the Zoho CRM product suite, provides customers with various omnichannel help desk technologies for process automation, artificial intelligence, interconnections, and much more.

✔ Zendesk

Zendesk offers consumers a CRM experience focused on customer care and sales demands. Companies can use Zendesk Service to meet customers where they are, establish an integrated help center that allows consumers to assist themselves, create personalized experiences, increase agent efficiency, give agents a constant workspace, evaluate ROI, Etc.

Users may get sales automation software, pipeline visualization and management features, mobile access, lead management, reporting capabilities, and more through Zendesk Sell, its Sales CRM platform

Wrapping up!

Nothing has yet been developed better for your sales process management than Sales CRM software. This platform brings together all of the elements required for your business’s success.

CRM options abound on the market, and we’ve done our best to detail five of them. However, no one understands your company’s goals better than you; therefore, the Sales CRM software you choose will be based purely on your expertise and expectations.

Connected IT Consulting provides an ambitious start: lead-generating tools, the ability to create trust with prospects through highly tailored email communications, automate follow-ups, monitor the efficacy of your sales efforts, and much more.

Connect with our ERP development experts and get the benefits of tomorrow’s business success.

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