ERP for Footwear Industry in Ireland

ERP for Footwear Industry in Ireland

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ERP for Footwear Industry in Ireland : The footwear business accounts for a sizable portion of the leather industry. Until recently, the sector was labor-intensive and focused on small and cottage industry sectors. The large-scale production operations made leather shoes and uppers, while the tiny and medium-sized cottage industry made sandals and slippers. During the previous two decades, many small and medium-sized firms began to employ modern and cutting-edge technologies to produce quality products that meet worldwide standards.

Features of Connected IT Consulting ERP for Footwear Industry –

Supply Chain Management

Easily managed raw material & finished goods throughout the global supply chain.
Responsive analytics improve visibility across the whole procure-to-pay process.
Rapid creation of domestic & offshore POs (Purchase Orders).

Manufacturing and Production Management

Trace labor, overhead, resources & other expenditures associated with your production activities.
Optimize usage of vital resources, create realistic and feasible schedules that match your goals.

Financial Management and Accounting

Flexible Financial Management from Connected IT offers significant capability for both primary and sophisticated financial activities.

Warehouse Management

Handle all inventory inbound and outbound flows, including raw materials, work in progress, and final goods.
Improve logistics processes and operations.

Powerful Business Intelligence ERP Software

Real-time product availability with B2C websites.
Web-based e-commerce solutions.
B2B online processing module.
24/7 Quickest EDI transfers.

Inventory Management

Accurate, authentic views and tracking of all inventory movement.
You can streamline restock, order fulfillment, production, inventory counts, and servicing by customizable user interfaces, business processes, active alerts, and intelligent messaging.

Cut Planning

Manages the cutting procedure for you.
Manages and analyses the use of raw materials.
Links to your cutting software.
For factory line control, prepares bundles, bundle sheets, and cutting reports.

Industry automation has posed a significant challenge to processes and the amount of data that must be dealt with. The supply chain in this industry sector has several steps, and each one requires a large amount of data to be recorded and analyzed.

To automate the entire system, thorough analysis and significant effort are require. At the moment, the footwear sector is confronted with issues such as an unfavorable frequency of orders, fluctuating trends and market demands, constant push for better value, tighter costs, restrictions in various countries, etc

Based in Ireland, Connected IT Consulting ERP for Footwear Industry to combine all processes, digitize them, and effectively handle expenses with solid and cost-effective solutions. Because it is can-base, it can be highly beneficial to businesses with production plants in several locations. Furthermore, companies can save money on IT infrastructure and upkeep.

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