Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

If you’re in business, then profitability should remain your number one goal.  Sadly, the bigger your business grows, the more likely it becomes that inefficiencies in the business start to weigh on the ability to generate profit and growth.

This is where the benefits of developing an ERP system come in to play.

An enterprise resource planning system will help drive efficiency through better use of company resources, whether they be time, money or people. And it will do so without sacrificing quality or performance levels.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

This is exactly where Connected IT is positioned to help you. We’ll work to integrate reports and metrics from all departments into a central environment, or interface. Here you will discover key insights into how to improve your business processes and to invest resources more effectively to generate growth.

Connected It will help you to reduce overhead costs, speed up operations in individual departments, automate various key processes, improve data analytics, focus on key goals and initiatives and most importantly, improve customer relations by providing faster and more efficient services.

The beauty of ERP is that you won’t have to invest in a whole new computer system and software. Connected IT will ensure that your new ERP system is seamlessly integrated into the existing network and ready to start delivering results, without disrupting operations.

ERP Project Management

Traditional ERP systems have been around for some time and usually focus on manufacturing and accounting processes. While these are fine for companies with uncomplicated structures and processes, they lack the ability to comprehensively analyse multi-departmental structures.

Project-based ERP software, however, provides a true 360 degree end-to-end solution.


The key to successful implementation of a project based ERP system is that of professional project management, through the use of expert consultants like Connected IT. Without it, your ERP implementation stands a more than even chance of failure.

The first order of business when beginning the process, is to appoint a fully committed and dedicated Project Manager, who will take responsibility for driving the process forward.

The Project Manager will be responsible for developing the plan, adhering to budget, managing all initiatives and meeting of deadlines. The person will report to the executive and will manage both internal team members and vendors. 

As a small to medium sized business, chances are that you will not have anyone with the relevant expertise and experience to handle the full time position of Project Manager. This is exactly where specialist consultants like Connected IT come into play. 

Connected IT have a team of experienced and expert consultants who will work closely with your own team through the process of ERP implementation. We will either lead the process, or work as part of the team under your own Project Manager. Our 100% success rate has given us the experience to ensure a smooth and successful ERP implementation process that will deliver efficiency and performance. 

ERP Implementation

Implementing a successful ERP system can be frustrating and even stressful for the whole organisation. Many people do not like change and given that ERP affects all areas of an organisation from top to bottom, the process and its effect on people, systems and processes needs to be properly managed.

Implementation of a new ERP system requires a progressive and logical process, with clear objectives. The main causes of failure in ERP implementation include the lack of proper planning, failure to involve all stakeholders, lack of proper communication about the process within the organisation and failure to educate appropriately.  This can lead to significant problems and frustrations further down the line.

ERP Implementation

Connected IT have been in the business for years and recognise the many challenges involved in the implementation process. That is why we work to closely integrate ourselves into your own team and to become an intricate support mechanism.

We work in a systematic way and go through a logical progression during the process that includes:

  • Discovery and planning – in-depth analysis to understand issues and requirements
  • Design – designing the workflows and process for the new ERP system
  • Development – configuring, customizing and integrating the new software
  • Testing – testing, fixing and adjusting where necessary
  • Deployment – going live and supporting where required
  • Service and support – feedback, adjustments and additional development when necessary

A comprehensive process indeed, made easier by professionals like Connected IT, who have a 100% success rate with their clients and who will help to prevent costly mistakes.

Apart from cutting down on project time we’ve proven over and over, that the costs we save you during the implementation process, will more than pay for the cost of consultancy.

ERP implementation companies

Perhaps one of the most stressful and complex issues involved when it comes to implementing an ERP project, is that of choosing the right ERP software provider. There are many to choose from and they vary in terms of suitability, service delivery and backup provided.

The decision will involve such factors as current strengths and weaknesses, future goals and objectives, cost of making necessary changes and upgrades, the buy-in of all stakeholders, alignment with current infrastructure to name a few.

ERP Implementation Companies

More often than not, a small to medium sized company will not have the necessary expertise within, to be able to competently drive this challenging initiative. Given the upfront investment required and the potential effect on the business in the future, it is critical that the correct ERT partner is chosen.

If implemented properly, the benefits of a successful ERP system for any company are huge. The streamlining of all areas of the business, the flow of information and the resultant oversight of the business will radically affect efficiencies and the bottom line.  

Choosing the services of a professional consultant like Connected IT to select the appropriate ERP software supplier is a no brainer and can save you time, money and lost productivity.

Connected IT will work closely as part of your team to select the best supplier and to implement the new system. We will take the worry and the hassle out of the equation and enable you to get on with the business of running your company.        

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Achieving leadership over competitors in your market, sometimes involves taking a major strategic step.

The decision to radically redesign business processes through Business Process Reengineering is just such a step. The process can be expensive and very challenging, but if managed professionally, the resultant increase in efficiencies, revenue and growth and improvement in customer service, will make it more than worthwhile.

Business process reengineering does have its failures, but more often than not, these are the result of poor planning and preparation, together with a lack of commitment. Connected IT has years of experience in BPR and have helped many small to medium sized business navigate the intricacies involved.


We’ll work closely with your team to analyse where you are as a company, where it is that you want to go and what improvements will get you there.

Connected ITs’ process involves taking a 360 degree view of your business. We’ll help you to analyse the processes in each individual department and to identify the areas of strength that are strategically important to achieving growth. We’ll provide an ERP system that pulls data from individual business units, to an interface that provides a clear picture of the business and meaningful information for decision making.

We’re aware of the investment required in this process. Luckily, through years of experience Connected IT is able to reduce project time and save cost as a result. We have a 100% success rate on projects undertaken with existing clients, where increasing efficiencies and reduced business costs have more than covered the cost of consultancy.

More than worth the time, effort and expense to reinvigorate your business don’t you think?